“Nothing ever happens by chance. Success is the end result of sacrifice, drive and a professional attitude. Whoever fosters success as a target never leaves anything to chance and indeed sights are set to achieve perfection always and at all costs.”

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Our company was founded as a family concern in 1983 and was called “VOLPIANA TIZIANO” with the two brothers Tiziano and Derio as the only owners and workers. The decision to set up a business of one’s own was the highlight when the owners were 19 drawing on the experience made while working in a local tannery. The brothers’ sacrifice and willpower allowed them to rent a building in Via Chiampo and this is the very point where the story starts to be written.

In the beginning the company is only a contractor for leather drying: “plate drying”. However Sister lost bet goldenthe Volpiana brothers who were bursting with ambition, willpower, and tenacity soon moved on to higher levels in view of good times and eagerness thanks to the first fruitful results.

Due to logistic problems a decision is made to move some kilometres away and set up in Via dell’Industria in Arzignano. This is where a new stage kicks off thanks to profitable investment. New machinery is bought to process leather hence the tanning stages are enhanced. Installations are the bare minimum  but this specific industry yields excellent results very quickly.

In 1990 the earnest and professional attitude shown by the Volpiana brothers while running the company enabled a further and final move. The current firm purchased in the Industrial Estate is in Via Della Concia in Arzignano. From now on Conceria Volpiana proceeds to climb seeing as the company features complete cycle tanning from Wet Blue and Wet White hides and skins to finished leathers. As a result, sales are started up in footwear, small leather goods, and upholstery in Italy and all over the world thus becoming distinguishable with Italian quality warranty.
On 30th September 1993 the corporate name changes from being a family-run concern to become an unlimited partnership: “Volpiana Tiziano & Co. Snc”.
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Outstanding products and never-ending research which have always been the hallmarks of this company enable a new target after 20 years from the start. The company undergoes a further transformation and becomes a joint-stock corporation namely the current Conceria Volpiana S.p.A..

Despite great success in the 90’s, the Volpiana brothers choose to expand their company furthermore by buying two new plants in Via del Lavoro 71 and in Via della Concia 104.

Even today Conceria Volpiana S.p.A. powerfully believes that innovation and sustainability are the future in the tanning field.

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