Excellence is part of us

Conceria Volpiana devotes maximum attention to every environment related, safety and social responsibility issue. Strict checks of the production process, the products and materials used both during processing stages and the finished product stand for a guarantee both for our customers and the end users.

Our Certifications

Sustainability and the environment

“The environment is where all of us meet up;
where we all have a common interest and
and it is the only thing we all share.”

-Lady Bird Johnson-

Conceria Volpiana has always been very sensitive to the subject of the environment and sustainability. Our philosophy is the result of entrepreneurial skills to realise when to invest in facilities and infrastructures which enable effective use of renewable energy. Thanks to their own people in charge and workers, Conceria Volpiana is aware of the need to prevent water and air pollution, be aware of the management of waste, resource consumption, and putting negatively impacting chemicals to use in the environment. Conceria Volpiana considers water as a primary blessing not only in the stages of processing but also for daily life for all of us. Effluent treatment of water is one of the most important points of view within the tanning field and wastewater from Conceria Volpiana processing is sent to the effluent treatment plant Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. which is the supplier of water.

Each company may stand for a movement for change. Change shows a new way of facing environmental issues which can no longer be ignored nowadays. Conceria Volpiana wants to be a driving force fighting against squandering and environmental pollution in order to guarantee that future generations may indeed look forwards.