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"VOLPIANA TIZIANO" was established in 1983 as a family-run business renting a building in Via Chiampo in Arzignano. At the time the only owners and employees were the two brothers Tiziano and Derio. The decision of starting their own business was undertaken when they were about 19 years-old when they put into practice the knowledge gained after working at a local tannery. At first, the company exclusively worked skins on behalf of third parties with a single step: "plate drying".

Volpiana brothers steadfastly persevered showed spirit of enterprise progressing quickly thanks to the boom of the best years and the enthusiasm of early success. In 1985 due to a lack of space problems they decided to move a few miles away, in Via Dell'Industria in Arzignano. From that moment the investment phase began. New machinery was bought to process the hides and skins. Despite basic processing systems, that field was productive and soon it bore the first fruits.

In 1990 the seriousness and professionalism shown by Volpiana brothers in company management enabled a new and permanent move: the current building bought on the Industrial Estate in Via Della Concia in Arzignano. In these years the company gradually specialised as a tannery with a comprehensive product line, from raw hides to finished leathers. Its own sales network is set up in the footwear, leather goods, clothing and upholstery sectors not only in Italy, but all over the world.

In 1993, on the 30th of September the style changed and it passed from family-run business to general partnership: the "Volpiana Tiziano & C. snc". From that moment major development of the tannery began. These were difficult years but with a continuous growth of a company always targeting its own constant improvement of customer service.

In the 20th year of business a new goal was achieved: the change into a Joint-Stock Company. The current Conceria Volpiana S.p.A. was founded with a building of about 12.000 sqm and with over 60 employees.

One year later was achieved certification of its own quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. Since 20th October 2009 ISO 9001:2008 is in force. This certification is constantly renewed.

  Conceria Volpiana SpA
Via della Concia, 74/84
36071 Arzignano
Vicenza - Italy

Tel. +39 0444.675957 (4 linee r.a.)
Fax +39 0444.451189
P.I. e C.F. 01521690246 - R.E.A. nr.225689 VI
Capitale Sociale 540.000,00
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Numero Mecc. VI 041215